Links to Resources

Amity Therapy Services, LLC- Amity Connoly, SLP- 480-861-1506. – Speech services for your charter, school, district.

AZ Vision & Hearing- Will screen FOR you. Offers first and follow-up screenings as well as filing State reports. Very experienced and all Staff State Certified.

Creative Communication Therapies, LLC- Joanna Keeton, SLPL- Will screen your students vision & hearing FOR you! STATE CERTIFIED (480)-381-4722)

Enhancing Educationan AZ non-profit offers hearing and vision screening in the Tucson Metro area and Southern AZ.  A team of Certified Screeners can provide partial or full screening services (rescreening, referrals, annual State report) as well as Vision Scholarships via our program.  Please contact (520-808-7507) or see our website at

Tracy Brooker & Associates, LLC– Will Screen your students for you! State Certified in Hearing & Vision.

SPEECH AMERICA–  TEAM of State certified vision and hearing screeners as well as Speech services. Will screen FOR you and file your State reports for you. Very experienced!

Happy Ears Hearing Center- Family friendly audiology services. Dr. Shanna Mortensen-Dewsnup, Au.D. Great with pediatric to geriatric patients!

Low cost and sliding fee clinics for medical and dental.

Children’s Rehabilitative Services (CRS/DMG)( Must be on AHCCCS to qualify) Hearing aids, wheelchairs and other services for rehabilitation.


Infantsee-Resource to check baby’s vision.

Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation. Glasses & hearing aids.